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Soft rolling hills, meadows and forests. Secluded valleys with rustling streams, dams and small villages with idyllic alleys and half-timbered houses. This is the "Bergische Land". Numerous local and industrial history museums, castles, palaces and churches bring the history and culture of the region back to life. What could be more beautiful than to explore this landscape, most of which lies in a nature conservation area, by foot or by bike? You can enjoy fantastic views, experience and discover nature. For much needed refreshments, you are of course welcome in one of the cosy restaurants and pubs like the "Am Alten Fronhof"! Here you can indulge in numerous "mountain dishes", typical for the region, before starting the next stage of your hike.
Naturally, you can use "Am Alten Fronhof" as the start and end of your daily rambling trips. Or perhaps you would rather prefer to use the Fronhof as your base for exploring the enchanting hilly landscapes of the Bergisch Land by bike?
Have we awakened your desire for walking and/ or cycling? Excellent!
That's exactly why we listed some "Bergisches Land" walking and cycling information for you here...

  • Explore the green surroundings of Herkenrath (Am Alten Fronhof);
    It's hard to believe how such a vast and peaceful nature reserve as the "Bergisch Land" region can exist so close to a metropolis like Cologne, which is about the size of Birmingham. And yet this beautiful green jewel is only 20 minutes west of Cologne. Here people still live in small picturesque villages and enjoy all the gems that the country and life has to offer. One of these villages is Herkenrath, a village where its centre is still made up of the iconic trinity: church with an oak tree in front of it, pub on the other side of the street, and the cemetery further along at the edge of the village. That "pub" opposite the church in Herkenrath, or "Gastwirtschaft" as the Germans call it, has been the "Am Alten Fronhof" for 250 years. In order to give you the opportunity to ramble the beautiful green surroundings of Herkenrath, we have put together several routes of between 5 and 15 kilometres for you to explore. All routes start and end at the "Am Alten Fronhof".
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  • Der Bergische Weg - Hiking in historic footsteps (Das Bergische Wanderland);
    On the trail of a 100 year old hiking trail, the 260 kilometre Bergische Weg (Bergisch Trail) runs from the Ruhr District through the Bergisches Land and Siebengebirge nature parks to Königswinter on the Rhine. The trails awarded the title of "Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland" (Hiking Germany Quality Trail) runs from Baldeneysee in Essen through the "neanderland", through the Bergisch cities of Wuppertal, Remscheid and Solingen and the Rheinisch-Bergischen district to the famous Drachenfels.
    A variety of experiences await you along the route. The trail as a lot to offer, in terms of both landscape and cultural history: idyllic landscapes and historic villages as well as local and industrial history museums, castles, manor houses, monuments and churches bring the culture of the region to life. The Neanderthal Museum, Brückenpark Müngsten, Altenberg Cathedral and Drachenfels are just a few examples of the many different sights.
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  • Der Bergische Panoramasteig (Das Bergische Wanderland);
    The Bergische Panoramasteig (Bergisch Panorama Trail) is located in one of the most diverse low mountain range landscapes in Germany, just 40 kilometres or so from the metropolis of Cologne. It runs in a 244 kilometre loop over 12 stages through the Bergisches Land nature park. Impressive views of the expansive, open cultural landscape accompany you on every step of the way. The loop trail runs through the valleys of the Agger, the Wupper and other small streams, through impressive mixed forests, past lush meadows and many valley reservoirs - and in particular over the many elevations typical of the region with their panoramic views.
    Along the way, not only can you enjoy the view, there is also plenty to experience. The Bergische Freilichtmuseum (open air museum), various stalactite caves, the monkey and bird park as well as other interesting traces of the region’s cultural history make the past, the culture and the flora and fauna something to really be experienced. Take a break from hiking and visit a museum, a monument or a church along the way. It’s worth taking a look!
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  • Bergische Scout Trails (Das Bergische Wanderland);
    In addition to the two long-distance hiking trails, the 24 themed hiking trails in the Bergische Wanderland (Bergisch Hiking Country) offer new discoveries: the Bergische Streifzüge (Bergisch Scout Trails). They entice with various historical, natural history, literary or technical themes. The adventurous tours - mostly loop trails - are between 4 and 16 kilometres long and offer a great variety of information boards and experience stations. Along the trails through the species-rich landscape of the Bergisches Land nature park, you will learn exciting facts about the nature, history and culture of the region. In order that children also have fun hiking, we have developed six family routes where the mouse (from the TV) accompanies the children. The hiking trails and information boards are particularly aimed at primary school children.
    Along eight of the Bergische Streifzüge (Bergisch Hiking Trails), audio stations provide hikers with information on the respective themes of the trails. In particular, they offer great variety for children when hiking, and the contents are interesting and entertaining for adults too. For example, the voices of birds can be heard at two stations on the Vogelweg (Bird Trail) in Engelskirchen, the history of the carriage drivers is told along the Fuhrmannsweg (Carriage Driver’s Trail) and you can listen in on characters like Robin Hood on the Waldmythenweg (Forest Myths Trail).
    The Scout Trails are ideal as half-day or one-day hikes but also join up with the two long-distance trails via connecting routes. Of course, you can also stop off with our Bergische Wanderland (Bergisch Hiking Country) hosts along the way here too. Flyers on the individual scout trails are available from us or can be downloaded from the respective websites.
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      This flyer, which you can download as a PDF, summarises all 24 "Streifzüge" for you ( DE).
  • Varied and entertaining tours for families (Das Bergische);
    Hiking with the family is often quite a challenge; the children have to be kept motivated the whole time. That is why we have put together a series of hiking trails of between 4 and 13 kilometres that are particularly varied and entertaining. The information boards along the trails (in German) are particularly suited to primary school children. Some of the trails are equipped with experience or audio stations, so they are particularly attractive. Your children certainly won’t be bored!
    Are your children not yet old enough for audio stations and all that? Then you have a peek here for trails that you can do with prams and buggies!
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  • Trails for prams, buggies, and wheelchair users (Das Bergische);
    The Bergisches Land does not get its name from its "Bergen” (mountains), but rather from the Count von Berg. But anyone who hikes here will realise that it really can be quite hilly. Even though the ascent is usually rewarded with fantastic views, not everyone wants to or can handle this altitude. And the most popular paths with many hikers present a challenge or even an insurmountable hurdle for some.
    Therefore, the people of "Das Bergische" have compiled a list of trails that can definitely be completed with a pram or in a wheelchair here. They run mainly on firm forest or agricultural roads or on asphalt.
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As you can see, the Bergisch Land offers many opportunities for nice refreshing walk, taking in nature and turn up those relaxing vibes up to the max. But maybe you want it even more relaxed? Well, here we have several ready-for-use hiking routes for you here that all start and end at the "Am Alten Fronhof"! Just download and Bob's your uncle! And with those done, we will be more than happy to welcome you with a nice cold local beer (Kölsch!), one of those generous German cutlets, or, who knows, even a warm comfortable bed!

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All our walking trips start and end at " Am Alten Fronhof".
With the Google Maps QR code for your mobile here, you can find your way to the spacious parking lot next to our hotel/ restaurant, across from St. Antonius-Abbas church here in Herkenrath, effortlessly.
Don't want to use Google Maps and rather use GPS coordinates for your own sta-nav? OK, no worries, here they are:

GPS (DD): N 50.988275 --- E 7.185007

GPS (DMS): 50°59'17.8"N --- 7°11'06.0"E


Cycling in the Bergisch Land is a real pleasure. Thanks to the many asphalted cycle paths next to the main and federal roads, the region can be explored in a very relaxed way. For more sporty cyclists, the hilly country can offer a tough challenge (if you want to) with its steep climbs and exciting descents. On the other hand, more relaxed cyclists, who prefer it a bit more civilised (read flatter), will find what they are looking for those routes in the brook and river valleys of the Agger and Sülz, for example.
But why should you take our word for it? Why don't you discover the region yourself and plan your own cycling tour? This can be done "from comfort of your own home", warm cuppa at hand, with the TIM-online website, a great service North Rhine-Westphalia (DO NOT forget to turn on the "Touristik- und Freizeitinformationen"!).
Prefer to take things even more relaxed and couldn't be bothered with planning it yourself?
Well, what about these cycling tours then..?

  • Railway Line and Riverside Cycle Trails (Das Bergische);
    Anyone who would like to cycle the Bergisch region without too much effort can choose a railway line or riverside cycle path. If you cycle in the right direction, most of the route is even downhill. Moreover, the trails mostly run through idyllic meadows or along rivers and streams, far away from the major roads.
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  • E-bikes make the mountains flat (Das Bergische);
    The Bergisches Land is hilly place. Cycling tours through the beautiful landscape are extremely varied but can also be quite strenuous, presenting a few sporting challenges. And let's be honest, for those kind of situations life can be considerably more comfortable on an e-bike. This is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor. The electric support only kicks in with gentle peddling. The battery lasts for a few hours (we hope) but must then be recharged at the relevant charging stations. E-bikes can be hired and charged at various locations in the Bergisch region.
    One special route prepared for e-bikes is the “Rad- und E-Bike Route Wasserquintett” (Water Quintet Bicycle and E-bike Route). Along the 80 kilometres, you will find various charging stations. Naturally, this "charging" can also involve your bicycle. After you've recharged yourself of course... As you do...
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  • Sporty challenges by racing bike (Das Bergische);
    The roads in the Bergisches Land are ideal for a sporty challenge or training for the next race. Far away from the main traffic routes, the winding and sometimes narrow roads run through mountains and valleys, not only providing effective training but also a fantastic experience of the landscape. And let's be honest. It make a nice change from the area where you go normally, and people keep confusing you with Sir Bradley...
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  • Function at the Junction (Das Bergische);
    Extensive route planning or cumbersome searches for the right route are a thing of the past: With the new junction system, cycle tours can be planned in an uncomplicated manner and put together according to your own taste. The routes along a total of 350 junction points marked in red and white in Radregion Rheinland offer both extensive natural surroundings and fabulous panoramas as well as urban flair and cultural diversity. The uniform system throughout the entire region makes orientation easy.
    So what it is? The Radregion Rheinland junction system provides maximum flexibility on a route network of over 3,000 km: the honeycomb junction system had been added to the uniform red and white signage system in use throughout NRW. When routes in this honeycomb system intersect, this represents a "junction point", which is marked by a number encircled in red. At this point, an overview panel shows which route will take you to the next junction point. The junction numbers are also shown in parentheses below the destinations.
    Cycling by numbers The idea for the junction system came from the Benelux countries, where it has been tried out and proven to be very popular for many years. No wonder, because it makes cycling tours possible without any great preparation beforehand: Simply plan the route according to the map, note the numbers of the respective junction points and off you go! Along the way, the markings are clearly visible on signposts and boards along the route. The next junction point you will come to is also clearly indicated at each junction point. So you can find your way quite easily and changes during the tour are no problem either! Whether you extend the tour or cut it short, or visit a different sight - you can plan the routes flexibly as required.
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  • Outdoor Active - The best cycling trips in the Bergische Land region ( DE)
  • Das Bergische - Even more cycling suggestions from our friends at "Das Bergische"! ( EN)

Whichever way you want it, the "Bergische Land" region offers plenty of relaxation and fun for young and old.
That's why "Am Alten Fronhof" is the perfect holiday pivot for everybody who (really) needs a couple of days of quality time. Been fed up with large chain hotels, who only manage to remember your name when they present you their rather substantial bill? Had enough of those "unique" cheap hotels which, upon arrival, turn out to be located exactly 20 yards from that noisy railroad yard? And, if you complain about that, turn out to be run by Basil Fawlty?
If that is indeed not what you are looking for, just come in and have a nice beer in our 250 year old pub. Or, if the sun is out, take a seat on our terrance and practice your smirk face when you see how everybody in Cologne, down there in the valley, can't stop running. And yes, even if you do decide that you want to go on a shopping spree in the metropolis that is Cologne, remember that is just a 20 minute ride away! Whether you come specifically for the world famous Cologne Christmas Market (Kölner Weihnachtsmarkt), or any other time of the year. We won't even hold it against you if you stay with us because your only reason to come our way is because you have to visit the Cologne Exhibition Centre (Kölner Messe) professionally.
So what do you reckon? Should we already pull you a beer and make your bed?